Our Wines

Our Wines

2016 Beach Blonde 
(Pinot Grigio)

Light & Crisp

This is Mrs. Vino's cooking wine – and by that she means it's hard to cook dinner without a glass of this in her hand. This is a great dry, crisp white and is perfect with salads, fish or other light dishes.
Alcohol 13.5%
Residual Sugar 0.5%
pH 3.3
Brix at Harvest 22
Fresh Tomatillo Salsa

2016 Pinot Grigio

Fun and Fruity
Morovino's Pinot Grigio's have become something of a legend among our fans! This newest vintage absolutely earns the title of “Beach Juice” If you are looking for the perfect wine to pair with a sunny afternoon – this is it! Or try it with Mrs. Vino's Pasta with Brie recipe. You'll be so glad you did. 

Alcohol 13%
Residual Sugar 1.4%
pH 3.5
Brix at Harvest 22
Pasta and Brie

2015 Merlot

Light and fruit-forward.
This “small batch” (less than 90 cases produced) Merlot is quickly becoming Mrs. Vino's Favorite. Wine. Ever. Try it and see for yourself. The ultimate food pairing wine, it's great with vegetarian dishes, fish creations, chicken and lighter beef meals. Awesome when paired with Mustard Crusted Salmon.
Alcohol 14.1%
Residual Sugar 0.18% (Dry)
pH 3.35
Brix at Harvest 23.5%
Whole Grain Mustard

2014 Syrah

Dense and flavorful – super smooth
$38 .    SOLD OUT

You loved this Syrah as half of the amazing Tango blend. Now try it as a single varietal. Beautiful flavors of flowers, berries and smoke with a hint of green tea on the finish. Try it with this super-easy smoky sausage skillet.
Alcohol 14.4%
Residual Sugar 0.06% (Dry)
pH 3.6
Brix at harvest 25.2%
Smoky Sausage Saute

2014 Petite Sirah

Bold and beautiful.
$38 .  SOLD OUT
We've been waiting to do a Petite Sirah for a loooooonnnnnggg time, and it's absolutely worth it. Classically deep and dark with strong, but smooth tannins. This a great wine to pair with strong flavors. But it's smooth enough to enjoy all on its own. We particularly like this dish with slow cooker lamb shanks!
Alcohol 14.4%
Residual Sugar 0.02% (Dry)
pH 3.4
Brix at Harvest 24%
Slow Cooker Lamb Shanks

2015 Dolcetto

Jammy and velvety smooth.

Yes we say it every time. But this amazing Dolcetto is our best ever. A bit deeper than the 2012 vintage and a bit lighter than the 2009 vintage, this wine slides like black satin over your palate. Great acidity in the mid palate and a kiss of fruit at the front make this a great wine with heavier dishes. Or just have a glass on by itself – maybe with a piece of dark chocolate!
Alcohol 14%
Residual Sugar 0.8%
pH 3.5
Brix at Harvest 25.4
Slow Cooker Lamb Shanks

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